Considering Existing Clinic Policies When Planning to Buy From Dental Practice Brokers in Arizona

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Dentist

Since each dental practice has its unique characteristics, buying a particular existing practice may not be the best choice for a dentist seeking possibilities. This dentist may sense a difference in how he or she wants to build relationships with patients, and the work structure and environment among the staff members. Dental practice brokers in Arizona may be able to offer numerous opportunities to prospective buyers so they can find a clinic that’s a good fit.

Payment Methods Allowed

The practice that this dentist considers at first may have too casual an atmosphere in certain aspects. This may especially be the case with clinic owned by the same dentist for many decades, and even more so in smaller towns. For instance, the dentist may have allowed some patients to receive service with the personal credit or payment agreements not set up in writing. Some might even be bartering.
A dentist who is new to the clinic may feel uneasy about these arrangements. He or she is not obligated to continue making these types of deals but may worry about patient expectations and disapproval. Continuing to pursue other possibilities with listings from dental practice brokers in Arizona feels like a better choice.

The Work Environment

The work environment as it stands also is a crucial point to consider. Dentists who buy a clinic through a broker such as Western Practice Sales often hope that at least some of the staff members will stay on. That way, they don’t have to recruit qualified applicants and go through the interviewing and hiring process. They also know that many patients are pleased to keep seeing familiar faces after practice has been sold. Some patients will be more likely to go elsewhere if their favorite hygienist leaves.

However, the dentist selling the practice may have run the place very informally, while the person wanting to buy the clinic may prefer a more structured atmosphere. The workers would be required to wear specific kinds of uniform outfits, for instance, instead of the patterned scrubs and other casual wear they were allowed. Changing the policy can lead some employees to switch to a different place of employment.

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