The Most Commonly Performed Cosmetic Procedures Provided By Dentists In Kona

When a person’s teeth are in disrepair, it will usually cause them to struggle with their self-esteem and avoid social situations out of fear that others will see their lackluster smile. Rather than living their life afraid, more people are choosing to visit cosmetic dentists in Kona and restore their smile. The following is a look a the procedures that a cosmetic dentist commonly performs, and how they help anyone overcome oral health challenges and obtain the smile they deserve.

Teeth Whitening

Consuming certain foods, such as those with high acidity levels, will cause stains to develop on the enamel of a person’s teeth, and removing them with over the counter products is nearly impossible. A dentist offers professional quality whitening services that will power through tough stains and help restore teeth to a vibrant white. The treatment process is quick, and only requires an hour to complete, but the patient will need to use customized bleaching trays afterward to maintain the results.

Dental Implants

If a person is missing individual teeth or is facing the idea of wearing dentures, dental implants are an excellent alternative. Dentists in Kona will place titanium rods into the jaw and wait for them to fuse to the bone. After the healing process is complete, they will then attach the implants to the rods by fastening them into place, which provides a natural-looking smile that will last a person a lifetime.

Porcelain Veneers

In some instances, a person may have good teeth, but struggle with discoloration and chipping and cracking. In these situations, the use of porcelain veneers will serve to restore a person’s smile. A dentist will first file the problem teeth down and then place the porcelain coverings over the teeth, securing them in place with an adhesive product that ensures a lifelong bond.

No one has to live with the stress and worry that comes with a mouth that is in bad shape. The team at Carter S. Yokoyama D.D.S. offers customized treatment services and will give anyone a bright and beautiful smile to be proud of. Be sure to visit the website to learn more about the treatment options available and to view their impressive portfolio of patient transformations.

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