Common Services Offered by a Dentist in Spring

by | Jul 12, 2018 | Dentist

The field of dentistry has grown considerably over time. With the amount of medical advancements that have been made in the past few decades, a number of new treatments have become possible. For instance, in the past, many dentists would only offer cosmetic treatments using metallic braces. Nowadays, there are various options available, the most popular of which is the use of invisible aligners. If you are experiencing problems with your teeth, you should visit a local dentist. Here are just some of the many services that you can expect from a well equipped dental clinic and an experienced dentist.

Cosmetic Enhancements

If you have yellow or crooked teeth, you can set an appointment with a local dentist in Spring and find out about the costs of dental treatment. Cosmetic enhancements differ depending upon your case. For example, if a person has crooked teeth, they can get dental implants or aligners installed. The dental specialist will first need to carry out X-rays and scans of your jaw before setting up a treatment schedule. If aligners are not a suitable option, the dental specialist will recommend invisible aligners.

Dental Treatments

If you are experiencing problems with your teeth, such as incessant toothache, you should visit a dental specialist right away. Local clinics, such as Gentle Dental Care, provide a range of treatment options, including wisdom tooth removal, infection treatments, and a lot more. If the infection is severe, you might have to make several appointments at the clinic. The dental specialist will prescribe medications and ointments that you can use in order to numb the pain and treat the infection. The dental specialist might also call you for a follow-up examination from time to time. These are some common services that you can expect at most dental clinics.

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