Benefits Of Dental Implants In 60076

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Dentist

If a person has a tooth knocked out in an accident or if they lose a tooth as a result of tooth decay, it can harm the appearance of their smile. When a person is missing a tooth, it can make them feel very self-conscious when they smile. One of the best treatments available for tooth loss is dental implants in 60076.

Dental implants have many more benefits than other treatment options.

Dental Implants Look More Natural

If a person chooses to treat their tooth loss with dental bridges, they aren’t choosing the most natural-looking option. Dental bridges are held in a person’s mouth with metal wire. In many cases, this wire is visible. If a person wants a more natural look, they should go with dental implants. Implants are drilled directly into the jawbone, therefore, there would be no visible metal wires.

Dental Implants Are Permanent

If a person chooses dental bridges for their treatment, they would need to remove the bridge often to soak it. Also, bridges need to be replaced every few years, which can be costly. Because dental implants are drilled into the jawbone, they never need to be removed and they never need to be replaced.

No Food Restrictions

When a person has dental bridges, they would need to avoid certain foods such as hard foods and sticky foods because they can be damaging to the bridge. If they get dental implants, there would be no food restrictions. The implant is just like a natural tooth, therefore, the individual can eat anything they want.

No-Risk to the Surrounding Teeth

Dental bridges rely on the surrounding teeth to hold them in a person’s mouth. Over time, this can cause damage to healthy teeth. Dental bridges rely on the jawbone and not the healthy teeth to stay anchored in the mouth. This will prevent any future dental issues.

If a person has lost a tooth and it is making them feel self-conscious when they smile, laugh, and even speak, they should consider getting dental implants in 60076. For more information, contact Chicago Dental Arts.

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