A Practitioner of Childrens Dentistry in Broken Arrow OK Can Provide Suggestions for Ending Thumb Sucking

by | May 4, 2019 | Dental

Thumb sucking and the use of pacifiers is a natural, instinctive way for babies and toddlers to relax, calm their anxiety and feel more secure. A practitioner of Childrens Dentistry in Broken Arrow OK can answer questions concerned parents have when a child has continued thumb sucking beyond the preschool years. They may worry that this behavior can cause the front teeth to become crooked, for example.

Potential Problems

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry reports that nearly all children quit using a pacifier before they reach 4 years of age. Many, however, are not so accepting of giving up thumb sucking. That’s especially true for those who like to start sleeping with this comforting routine. Unfortunately, dental and oral development problems can occur when children continue the behavior. For instance, the front teeth may begin to protrude and the roof of the mouth may begin to narrow because of the frequent sucking action.

When It’s a Challenge

When a practitioner of Childrens Dentistry in Broken Arrow OK lets parents know it’s time to guide their kids away from thumb sucking, those mothers and fathers may have a bit of a challenge ahead. Some children respond well to the parents’ explanation as to why ending this habit is important. Others rebel.

When kids are reluctant to stop, they might be rewarded for success with stickers or other inexpensive fun items. A parent might cover the thumbs before bedtime with some fabric or a bandage that the child must keep in place. A practitioner with a clinic such as Kid’s Dental can offer other suggestions if this effort is not working very well.

Being Understanding

It’s important to be understanding, since some little ones really struggle with this. Scolding should be avoided. Instead, praising the child for successful moments is a better strategy. The child can be encouraged to rely on other comforting behavior, such as hugging a stuffed animal or snuggling up with Mom or Dad.

The project can wrap up after 30 days the desired behavior. Once the habit has been broken for two or three weeks, it’s unlikely that the child will return to it.Visit usfor more information.

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