A Dentist in Oyster Bay, NY Wants to Help You Have a Beautifully White Smile

Tooth stains can cause smiles to look less attractive. Berries, tobacco, carrots, wine, soda, and a wide array of other foods and beverages can cause a person’s teeth to become discolored and dull. Yellowing and browning make the teeth look unattractive and can make a person look older than they actually are. Thankfully, the Dentist in Oyster Bay NY can offer whitening treatments to help patients overcome their staining for a more beautiful smile.

Teeth whitening treatments have come a long way since they were first introduced. In the past, lackluster results, high expense, and sensitivity issues kept individuals from truly enjoying this treatment and seeing positive results. Today’s treatments cause less irritation and are more effective than ever before, allowing individuals to experience a whitening of up to ten shades lighter. When these treatments are used, a person can greatly improve the appearance of their smile.

There are two main types of whitening treatments a dentist may use, and they are both very similar in their components. Carbamide peroxide is used to help gently remove stains. This treatment is the most gentle but is not as effective in bleaching. The dentist will typically use this treatment on patients who are at risk of teeth sensitivity. This is also the primary ingredient in at-home whitening kits though the dentist offers a stronger peroxide.

There is also the option of hydrogen peroxide, which is the treatment of choice for those who have severe staining. This treatment offers a strong bleaching action and can remove tobacco, wine, and other stains that are difficult to remove. Hydrogen peroxide is considered a stronger treatment option than carbamide peroxide, and it can greatly improve the appearance of teeth.

If you are tired of having stained teeth, it is important you see the Dentist in Oyster Bay NY. To learn more details about these whitening procedures. click here. Call the Locust Valley Dental Group and schedule your appointment right away so you can finally overcome tooth staining and have the beautiful, white smile you have always wanted. With a brighter smile, your confidence level will soar.

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