4 Common Complications that Plague Root Canal Patients

Root canal therapy isn’t exactly anybody’s idea of fun. Going for this treatment, though, will provide you with the best possible chance of repairing and saving your tooth or even several of them, especially if they’re already in advanced stages of decay or tooth infection.

Why a Root Canal

There are plenty of reasons to choose this dental treatment, but acute toothache is one of the most common. To eliminate the pain, the dentist must completely remove the nerves from the affected tooth. If the tooth is extracted completely, though, the patient’s surrounding teeth or gums might be affected. Leaving the tooth in place and having root canal done, then, is a better solution.

Considering the skill necessary to pull it off, though, going to just any dentist won’t do. Make sure you pick a dentist who performs root canals in North Mississippi with the right level of training and experience. If you don’t, you might find yourself dealing with the following complications:

Root Canal Complications

WebMD provides you with examples of these complications so you’ll know how important it is to choose wisely when it’s time to pick your dentist:
1. Not cleaning out a tooth. In a root canal procedure, it’s important that the tooth be cleaned first, removing the pulp and nerves inside. If this isn’t done correctly, troublesome bacteria can remain inside.

2. Cracks that weren’t identified at the root of a tooth. It’s pretty difficult work to determine cracks at the root of a tooth. Some are tiny enough to be easily overlooked, it’s one of the most common problems dentists have.

3. Bacteria inside the tooth. In some cases, the inside of the tooth isn’t properly sealed off, letting the bacteria contaminate the area.

4. Breakdown of materials. In some cases, though, long years of use can cause a breakdown in materials used for the root canal, which can result in bacteria getting inside the tooth. When that happens, dental measures should be taken immediately to reopen the tooth, clean it out and have it resealed.

These are just four major root canal complications. If you happen to experience any lingering issues or pain after a root canal, make sure to schedule treatment right away to get to the bottom of the problem. Since training and skill are important, finding the right dentist matters a whole lot. By going to reliable professionals, you know your dental health and safety is in good hands.

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